We are passionate about making art easy, fun and meaningful



Our mission

We make art fun and accessible for all!


We strive to shed the light on the secrets of the art world and to show everyone how art can enrich our daily lives


We believe that anyone can develop an eye for art and necessary expertise needed to independently navigate in the art world - whether it is to experience new exhibitions in museums and galleries, discover art in public places, or buy and collect art. 


Our objective is to convey this art expertise through unique educational online and offline concepts - where art blends with life, and learning becomes a free space to get inspiration and fascinating aha-moments. Ultimately, our learning approach is meant to be easy and fun, yet highly effective! 

Art Education

We work hard to bring you high-quality online art courses that can provide you a holistic knowledge base and enrich your life.

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Art Advisory

We provide all levels of art advisory and B2B solutions. Visit the Art Services page for more information and send us an enquiry.

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Art Advocacy

We advocate for the arts by spreading the joy of art via our social media, blog posts, podcast episodes, and newsletters.

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Det koker i kunst-Norge!

Mar 16, 2023

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