We are passionate about making art an enriching dimension of every person's life!

Our mission

We make art easy, fun and accessible for all!

We are an educational online art platform connecting people with all forms of art 


We focus on promoting fine art and culture in our society by making art more accessible, easy and fun for all. 

Over 30.000 people have so far discovered and learned about art with us.


We believe that art can enrich our lifes both personally and professionally, by being a source of knowledge, broadening one's outlook, increasing understanding of our own and other's cultures and history, contributing to personal growth, and harnessing innovation and creativity. 


We are confident that anyone can develop an eye for art to¬†independently¬†navigate in the art world¬†‚Äď whether it is to¬†embrace art in¬†museums, galleries and public places, discuss and share art insights with others, or buy and collect art.¬†


Our learning approach is meant to be easy and fun, yet highly effective. Our objective is to convey this art expertise through bespoke educational online and offline concepts where art blends with life, and learning becomes a free space to get inspiration, energy and joy.

Our products and services

Art Education

We strive to develop and deliver high quality, easy-to-follow online art courses,  programs and educational tools that can give you wide knowledge in art and art history, and give you confidence when dealing with art. 

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Art community

We host an online art community, aka an online art club, open for anyone regardless who is willing to take their art interest to the next level. This is a place to learn and discover something new about art, art history and contemporary art every month, together with other members of the club!

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Art Advisory

We provide all levels of art advisory and curating services to help you build and nourish your art collection. Whether you are looking for an iconic Picasso or the "Picassos" of the future, we are here to help to accommodate for your needs, art preferences and budget. Send us a query below to set up a free non-binding conversation. 

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Art Advocacy

We advocate for the arts by spreading the joy of art through our editorials, blog articles, social media, podcast episodes and newsletters.

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We are passionate to create fruitful partnerships to allow more people to discover art and its enriching benefits


Some of our recent collaborations include:

  • "Kunst p√• Film" / Art on screen ‚Äď an ongoing art movie screening series in partnership with Cinemateket, a movie theatre powered by Norwegian Film Institute, since 2023
  • Monaco Art Week, summer 2023

We have been supported by several public funds and accelerator programs

Norwegian Arts Council (Cultural fund run by Norwegian Ministry of Culture / Kulturrådet)

Innovation Norway (Innovation fund run by Norwegian Government)

Simula Research Center / Grundergarasjen (Tech research laboratory)

Tech Accelerator program for creative industries "Make happen" powered by 657 ‚Äď creative industry start up hub

SMART Innovation Norway (Pre-seed accelerator program)

Get in touch to discuss partnerships, projects and collaborations!

Send your message in the form below or send us an e-mail to [email protected]

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