We provide bespoke solutions to create enriching art experiences for you

We work with businesses, museums and galleries, as well as private groups and individuals

Corporations and organisations


We collaborate companies and organisations from various sectors. We provide a wide range of services such as

- Customised art programmes and art clubs for your organisation. 

- Digital and physical educational seminars, art talks and programmes on the topics of art for your employees and clients. 

- Art advisory and consulting for managing your art collection. 

- Meaningful team building concepts as a place to bond, network and foster creativity. A complete shift of thoughts from the office life to the world of aesthetics and inspiration.


Partnerships with museums and galleries


Do you want to draw attention to your gallery or to a specific project or exhibition? We are always eager to collaborate with museums and galleries and create creative and attractive concepts for your audience wether it is to attract more visitors or stimulate appetite to make art purchases. 

Our key expertise is to create fun and engaging art experiences for the public with various innovative forms of art mediation.  

We also offer industry specific expertise within digital communication, marketing and branding strategies for players in the art industry. 


Art advisory for private individuals


Are you a private individual or a family office? We provide following services to you:

-Assistance with making your first art purchases

- Curating on building private art collections of any size 

- Assistance with finding legacy works of art and collectibles for your home.

- Private tuition to develop your art expertise.

We start with a free workshop where we focus on defining your needs and goals. 


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