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To crack the art code requires neither super intelligence nor great efforts.  Our major goal is to make it fun and entertaining for you. That is why our courses are both easy to understand and easy to follow.

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We help you all the way through. You can ask any questions in a safe learning environment! We tailor-make engaging exercises, give you practical tools and tips, so that you can discover the art world in an intuitive and fun way!

Meaning in madness

Art is everywhere, but we seldom notice it in the daily routine. The purpose of our programs is to give you the tools so that are can give you more meaning whenever you are!

Does it sound like you?  


✨ You like to visit art galleries but wish you knew more about the background and context of the art you see there, so that your art experiences could get more meaningful and exciting.

✨ You have been to art seminars and expert talks, and read several art books, but still feel like you have just touched the tip of the iceberg and want to have deeper insight and overview. 

✨ You would love to have fruitful art discussions with others, but sometimes find yourself short of “right terminology” and feel shy to speak up your opinion about art. 

✨ You are interested in exploring the art market, but often wonder about how to make the right choice, whether the price of the art work is fair and what determines the future value increase.

✨ You wish to have a free space where you can forget about the everyday routines and get new ideas, impulses and a fresh look at the world around you.

✨ And finally, you want to know the artistic and cultural whereabouts and make connections with like-minded art enthusiasts!


Then The Art Trotter is perfect for you!

 Get more out of your art encounters. Cultivate a new hobby, and build up your confidence to talk about art

 Jump on the art journey with us!

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Learning while having lots of fun through


Fascinating and captivating storytelling 

Easy and fun exercises that train your visual memory 

Playful assignments while on your art missions 

It is easy and fun to learn with our courses, masterclasses and the Art Club

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Uncover the secrets of Edvard Munch 

This mini course will open your eyes on one of Norway's and modernism's major artist and an expressionism pioneer – Edvard Munch. 

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Discover the exotic univers of Frida Kahlo  

Meet one of the greatest modernists and biggest female painters of our time in this mini course. 

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Crack the art code

This 6-weeks course will put you on a journey to become an art connoisseur in modern and contemporary art field. You will get solid understanding of art while learning in an intuitive way, with fun exercises and video lessons. The course also helps you to develop your taste and get inspired!

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Learn about modern architecture

An exciting mini course about architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries

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Become a successful art collector

Get practical tools on how to navigate in the art market and get confidence when you buy art 

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Discover the unspoken rules of the art market

Find out who are the decision makers, who makes artists superstars, who are the fuel of the art market, and where can you discover hot contemporary art!

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Start your journey with a free guide on Modern art

Discover modern art in a glance with this free guide on modern art!

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 Learn, discover and get great results!


  • A broad understanding of the modern and contemporary art field, leading up to more fun, meaningful and memorable art experiences.   
  • Broader outlook, and an ability to see the relation between art, history, society, science and human nature. 
  • Knowledge of the local and global art scene 
  • A fresh breath of inspiration and a creativity boost
  • Enhanced skills to freely converse about art, and confidently express personal opinion
  • Clearer understanding of personal aesthetic preferences and a more defined art taste
  • Increased confidence and practical skills in the field of collecting and buying art