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Marilyn Monroe - The Woman Behind the Brand

english Sep 18, 2020

Cover photo: Portrait of Marilyn by Tomofeev. © Ted Stampfer.

Much has been written and speculated about Marilyn Monroe for decades, which ultimately has left a picture of a woman who today appears even more puzzling. But what is the real truth, and what is fiction? 

“I think no one can say with absolute certainty what the truth is. What we consider,  in addition to her film and photographic legacy, however, without a doubt, are her personal material possessions.  In 1962, after her death, her items were packaged and stored, and preserved like in a time capsule for nearly four decades! First auctioned in the late 1990's, these unique pieces give us now a pristine insight into her life. These pieces allow us today to get closer to the real  Marilyn Monroe and her true identity - a truth that has survived!”

- Ted Stampfer - curator, collector, author, and Monroe expert

Photo: Ted Stampfer under mounting of Monroe exhibition. © Ted Stampfer

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